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Olive ⌈ 美真 | みどり⌋ Kimoto
is a Los Angeles born and raised musician, DJ, creative director, and multimedia artist.

She can be found twirling in flower fields to Cocteau Twins, dreaming about utopian futures at community events, planning her next adventure across the world, and professing her unconditional love for her friends at her local wine bar.

Olive writes and performs ambient-pop music under her name, Olive Kimoto. Currently, she's finishing up her first solo single with producer Chrome SparksShe is a member of the now inactive shoegaze band, Crescendo, and occasionally adds vocals and synths to other projects

As a commercial musician, her work has been featured by Netflix, and she has done projects in collaboration with Hermès, Playtronica, and more.

As a multimedia artist, Olive is building portals through sound, video, performance, and found objects, exploring both cultural and digital heritage. Her work has been shown by MOCA, Museum of Contemporary ArtHuman Resources and Bozo Mag.

She hosts and curates music for the monthly show Liquid Mirror on NTS Radio and can be found DJing across town (and beyond). To see what she's up to, click here.

As a model, she is represented by A List Agency for commercial & print, and has been featured in global campaigns for brands including Levis and Facebook.


She most recently worked as Creative & Programs Lead of Laconic, the source of proof for web3. As a creative director and graphic designer, she has also completed projects for Michelle Obama, Goldenvoice, and Feminist AI.

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